Foundations of Internet


Become familiar with general characteristics and functionality of current telecommunications networks and their possible evolution. Learn how a generic network works. Become familiar with layered communication architectures, transfer modes, LANs, interworking systems and the protocol architecture of the Internet. Know the key protocols of the Internet. Know basic analytical and simulation tools to evaluate the performance of a network. Be able to understand the literature and to quantitatively compare different solutions.


Queueing systems; simulation techniques.Services and topologies of telecommunications networks.Layered architecture and OSI modelTransfer modes: multiplexing, switching and protocol architectures. Circuit switching and packet switchingMain functionality of physical layer, MAC layer, link layer, network layer and transport layer protocolsMain characteristics of wide area networks, including the telephone and the cellular networkLocal area networks, Ethernet, Token Ring and Token BusInternet, architecture and main protocols: ARP, PPP, IP, ICMP, IGMP, UDP, TCP, DNSRouter architectures; mobile IP; Virtual Private Networks; IPv6; Quality of service issues.




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